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    Joining 100 nodes to a Docker Swarm

    05 Aug 2016
    Before the final release of Docker 1.12, Chanwit Kaewkasi proposed forming a 2000 node Docker Swarm mode cluster. He wanted to test Swarm at scale, find its limitations, and live upgrade each cluster manager. To do so he reached out to the Docker community to contribute 2000 nodes to the effort he called #DockerSwarm2000. Here’s how I was able to help out by joining 100 nodes to the Swarm from my Rackspace account.

    Develop a Docker Authorization Plugin in Python

    30 Jul 2016
    Docker Engine has a great plugin framework that allows you to write code that integrates cleanly with the Docker daemon. There are 3 different kinds of plugins you can create: authorization (authz), network, or volume. This post shows you how to develop a Docker authorization plugin in Python. An authorization plugin can control access to access to the Docker daemon based on both the current authentication context and the command context in order to approve or deny requests.

    Top 3 Sessions at DockerCon 2016

    04 Jul 2016
    I attended my first DockerCon this year and was impressed by the breadth and depth of all of the sessions. The keynotes did a good job of covering the breadth of everything new while the sessions were able to dive deeper on different topics. I also always enjoy the hallway sessions where I get to meet a lot of the people I’ve only met online. Here are my top 3 sessions from DockerCon 2016.

    DNS Round Robin in Docker 1.11

    15 Apr 2016
    One of the features I’m most excited about in Docker 1.11 is DNS round robin load balancing. This gets you effective service discovery for free right out of the box with Docker. Here’s how to use it.


    18 Mar 2016
    It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything new here. That would be because all of my prose writing energy is going into blog posts and tutorials for getcarina.com. If you’re in need of a place to learn about Docker or want to deploy your application on Docker Swarm, IMHO it’s a great place to do it. Naturally, the best place to start is Getting started on Carina. 😀

    State of the OpenStack API Working Group: Liberty Edition

    14 May 2015
    The API is the foundation of all user interaction with OpenStack. It’s fundamental to the usability of OpenStack as a platform. A well designed and consistent API across all OpenStack projects is necessary, otherwise all of the layers above the API (SDKs, CLIs, Web Apps, Mobile Apps) suffer. As such, the OpenStack API Working Group (WG) has a clear mission.