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    Keep Up-To-Date With Changes To The Rackspace APIs

    21 Dec 2012
    One of the trickiest parts of developing on top of an external service exposed via an HTTP API, like the Rackspace Open Cloud API, is keeping up to up-to-date with changes to the API. Since it’s delivered as a web service it can change without you necessarily being aware of it. If a new feature is released, how would you know? If a change to an existing service is made and you could benefit from it by making an update to your code, how would you discover that?

    My (Very) Minor Contribution to OpenStack Bug Squashing Day

    13 Dec 2012
    I wanted to somehow contribute to the OpenStack Bug Squashing today but I wasn’t sure what bug to squash. I didn’t have much time to participate so it had to be something I could complete within a couple of hours from scratch. I personally know several members of the OpenStack doc team so I checked out the OpenStack Manuals bug list to see where I could help. Anne helpfully suggested taking a look at this bug.

    Write That Request For Help, But Don't Send It...Yet

    10 Dec 2012
    Recently I was writing some code and ran into a problem. Same old story. It happens all the time to developers everywhere. I began decomposing the problem, tried to isolate it, Googled error messages, explored different approaches to do the same thing, etc. All of the usual stuff I do when I run up against a nasty bug. But the bug persisted and I began to run out of thing to try.

    OpenStack devstack on the Rackspace open cloud

    08 Nov 2012
    I’ve written about deploying devstack before in Contributing OpenStack Support to jclouds. That post covered running devstack locally in VirtualBox. I’ve been using that method for a while now but with a devstack env in VirtualBox, a jclouds dev env, browser, chat client, mail client, etc. etc. etc. all running on the same laptop it gets bogged down. I’m pretty sure I heard gears grinding and smoke was pouring out of the laptop at one point. I just don’t have the cores, RAM, and RPMs to run everything smoothly and you need smoothly or development starts to suck.