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jclouds, Netflix, and appsworld in San Francisco

14 Jan 2013

I’m going to be in San Francisco the first week of February and it’s going to be a packed week talking about and hacking on open source software. In addition to spending some time at the Rackspace San Francisco office, I’ll be doing a mix of hosting/attending meetups and presenting at the appsworld conference in SF.


The Rackspace Java SDK is powered by the open source project jclouds. I’ve been working with the jclouds community since day one of my start at Rackspace but I have yet to meet many of the core developers face to face. The majority of the community is based in San Francisco so I decided to take the opportunity to initiate a couple of meetups. We’ll be hosting two separate meetups at the Rackspace office that week. Here are the details.

jclouds meetup Date: Feb. 4th Time: 7:00 pm Location: 620 Folsom Street #100, SF Audience: Developers who use jclouds to build solutions

jclouds-dev meetup Date: Feb. 5th Time: 7:00 pm Location: 620 Folsom Street #100, SF Audience: Developers who develop jclouds itself


Netflix has done an amazing job open sourcing many of their components. They’re a group of top notch engineers working to make resilient applications on the cloud. To herald their commitment to open source they’re hosting the first NetflixOSS Open House on Feb 6th. I’m glad the timing worked out for me to be able to attend this (once I find my way out to Los Gatos). It promises to be a fun and interesting evening, right up until they unleash their simian army on us.


“appsworld is a conference relatively new to North America and is focused on mobile apps. The whole conference is geared towards developers and includes four free to attend developer workshop tracks and a free exhibition with over 150 exhibitors. Rackspace is going to have an important presence there and will be hosting a series of workshops.

I’ll be presenting the Rackspace SDKs on Friday morning in the Developer Zone. Here are the details.

A Cloud Platform for Apps: The Rackspace SDKs Date: Feb. 8th Time: 9:40 am Location: Moscone Center West, SF Agenda:

  1. Introduction to the Rackspace Developer Relations Group
  2. Introduction to the SDKs
  3. Benefits of using the SDKs
  4. Interoperability with OpenStack
  5. Overview of the SDKs
  6. Demo of the Rackspace SDK for Java


It’s going to be a busy week but I’m looking forward to it. It’s a great chance to connect with some developers and hopefully get some feedback on how Rackspace is serving the developer community. If you’re in or around San Francisco for appsworld or any other reason, please check us out and let us know!