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    Microsoft Teams Norms

    18 Jan 2019
    Face to face communication is essential. It’s a necessary and irreplaceable form of communication. Chat also has numerous benefits. However, it’s best to establish some norms around the use of chat to realise those benefits and avoid some of the pitfalls.

    Managing Environment Variables and Secrets in Kubernetes

    27 Aug 2017
    Providing configuration to applications via environment variables (env vars) is one of the principles of twelve-factor apps. If that configuration contains sensitive information like credentials, the best way to do that is using Secrets in Kubernetes. There are a lot of different ways to manage env vars and Secrets in Kubernetes. Here are a few things I do to make working with them more convenient.

    Principles for a Successful Developer Workshop

    19 Jun 2017
    Running a successful developer workshop (aka tutorial) is really difficult. I’ve attended enough workshops that have gone poorly to know that for a fact. Participating in such a workshop can be very frustrating and a huge turn off for whatever technology is being presented. That translates directly into losing developer mindshare. I think we, as an industry, can do a better job of running developer workshops.

    Run Once DaemonSet on Kubernetes

    13 May 2017
    There can be any number of reasons to run a once off task on every node in a Kubernetes cluster such as reading some info off of the node or running a quick test. But doing so is not straight-forward. None of the current resources are quite capable of it. A Job is designed to run to completion but there’s no way to ensure one runs on every node. A DaemonSet is designed to run on every node but there’s no way to ensure that it runs to completion only once. Because if the tasks exits after running once the DaemonSet RestartPolicy of Always will cause it to run again.