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OpenShift Learning Resources

03 Dec 2018

A curated list of learning resources I’ve used as I’ve climbed the learning curve on OpenShift.


Get your hands dirty in a safe environment by using installing and using MiniShift. Or you can skip localhost and use the Starter plan for OpenShift online. These are good for developers but not as good for learning how to admin an OpenShift cluster.

If you want to get great idea of what’s going on under the hood, there’s no better way than learning from Kubernetes The Hard Way. It’s an excellent tutorial on building a Kubernetes (the foundation of OpenShift) cluster “by hand” so you understand how all of the components work together.



The official docs are quite good.

Note that if you’re Googling for results, most times you wind up at an older version of the docs. It’s usually just a simple matter of editing the URL in your location bar to get to the version you need.

Also note that you can use latest in place of the version (as I do in the links below) and you’ll be redirected to the latest version of the docs.





These books are a decent intro. However, they both focus heavily on the imperative approach and skip the declarative approach to Infra as Code. Meaning they focus on running a bunch of commands sequentially via the CLI vs declaring the infra as code (manifests) and applying them. The latter being a more mature approach to container management.


To keep up with the rapid evolution I find it very valuable to subscribe to blogs. I’m old school and still use RSS/Atom for this sort of thing with Feedly.



The last few are Kubernetes related but it gives you a good idea where OpenShift is going.


Specific Topics


Networking Deep Dive

I can’t recommend this series highly enough. The back-of-the-napkins diagrams alone are worth the read.

Ingress Traffic

Egress Traffic




Disaster Recovery