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    DevOps Learning Resources

    25 Aug 2021
    A curated list of learning resources I’ve used to evolve my own understanding of the principles and practices of DevOps.

    Semantic Version Comparison in a Jenkins pipeline

    18 Feb 2020
    Versioning is fundamental to reasoning about software development and deployment. It’s not just the software that you release that needs to be versioned. All of the supporting components need to be versioned too, such as database schemas, message formats, protocols, APIs, dependencies, etc. If you don’t version all of these components, you’re at a severe disadvantage when it comes to understanding what’s in a release or debugging a problem.

    Help Others Help You

    28 Jan 2020
    Asking for help is a common and natural thing that everyone does. You need help right away so if you can help others help you, everyone wins. Getting help from others is a skill that can be learned and refined over time.

    GitOps Driven Deployments on OpenShift

    16 Apr 2019
    Our industry is determined to deliver value ever more rapidly, safely, and securely across software development lifecycle environments. One way to achieve this is through GitOps. In broad terms, GitOps is about applying the Git feature workflow to operations. I took this idea and narrowed it down to exactly one use case, using Git to drive deployments on OpenShift. This is a walk-through of the concepts and components we used to enable GitOps driven deployments all the way from development to production for a real-world enterprise client deploying a payroll solution known as EdPay.

    Microsoft Teams Norms

    18 Jan 2019
    Face to face communication is essential. It’s a necessary and irreplaceable form of communication. Chat also has numerous benefits. However, it’s best to establish some norms around the use of chat to realise those benefits and avoid some of the pitfalls.