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    Docker on the Rackspace Cloud

    10 Jun 2013
    I was at Gluecon 2013 a few weeks ago and caught a great session from Jeff Lindsay & Solomon Hykes about Docker. Docker is an open-source engine which automates the deployment of applications as highly portable, self-sufficient containers which are independent of hardware, language, framework, packaging system and hosting provider.

    Swift/Cloud Files Cross Origin Resource Sharing Container with jclouds

    04 Jun 2013
    Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) is a mechanism that allows Javascript on a web page to make XMLHttpRequests to another domain, not the domain the Javascript originated from. Such “cross-domain” requests would otherwise be forbidden by web browsers, per the same origin security policy. CORS defines a way in which the browser and the server can interact to determine whether or not to allow the cross-origin request. It is more powerful than only allowing same-origin requests, but it is more secure than simply allowing all such cross-origin requests.

    jclouds at Gluecon 2013

    08 May 2013
    It’s time to hit the road, get some hands on keyboards, and really teach developers how to use jclouds. I’ll be giving a workshop titled “Solve the Cross-Cloud Conundrum with jclouds” at Gluecon this year. The session is on May 22 from 10:30 to 11:30 am in Breakout 2.

    jclouds 1.6.0 and the move to the ASF

    02 May 2013
    jclouds 1.6.0 has been released! Since 1.5.0 I’m both proud and (antonymically) humbled to have become a committer. We’ve done a lot of work since then, including adding new features and an extensive refactoring aimed at simplifying the code base and removing cruft. I’m pleased to announce that full support for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers and Cloud DNS has been added. That brings the list of supported APIs to:

    Presentation Patterns

    04 Apr 2013
    Presentation Patterns is a book that takes the concept of software design patterns (and anti-patterns) and applies it to presentations and public speaking. This book is a must read for Developer Advocates and Software Developers who need to deliver a presentation to any size group of people. I would also recommend it to anyone in a technical position or even those in other roles as it’s filled with practical advice and actionable steps accessible by anyone. After reading the book through once and giving a presentation based on a handful of the patterns therein, I’m convinced this book can help improve or kick start your presentation skills.

    We Wrote an OpenStack Operations Guide in 5 Days!

    08 Mar 2013
    And here it is…the OpenStack Operations Guide. You can read it in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, or print. The electronic formats are free to download so click away. The print version costs $29.90 and all proceeds go to the OpenStack Foundation to support more book sprints like the one that produced this book.