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    Spinning Plates at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong

    16 Oct 2013
    The OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong is less than a month away now. Leading up to the Summit I was a track chair for the Apps On OpenStack track. We had many excellent proposals that we’re voted up by the community. Selecting the finalists wasn’t easy. I think we found a good mix of sessions about applications built on top of OpenStack, the tools that enable developers to build those applications effectively, and the design decisions that developers will need to consider when building apps on OpenStack.

    Broken Wiki Theory

    11 Sep 2013
    “Wikis always start off with the best of intentions. Sharing knowledge in a centralized place that everyone can edit. Wikis are useful but they can be difficult beasts to wrangle. Out of date information, broken links, bad formatting left unfixed, etc. The list is endless.

    Vote Vote Vote

    21 Aug 2013
    It’s that time of year again to vote for sessions at the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong. First of all I encourage you to vote for any and all of the sessions using the new OpenStack Presentation Voting web app. It’s a great app and it drops you into the action right away by presenting you with a random session to vote on. The ability to use keyboard shortcuts to vote is really handy too. I’ve got a couple of sessions proposed to the Summit focused on the application developers building solutions on top of OpenStack.

    Keep the Cloud Honest

    31 Jul 2013
    Last week at OSCON 2013 I gave a presentation entitled Cloud Portability With Multi-Cloud Toolkits. Not exactly a flashy title but you had a good idea of what you were going to get. I did a full write-up of it over here so I won’t regurgitate that post. However, I will summarize why cloud portability is important and why you always want to be in a position to be able to switch cloud providers.