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    The Dual Advantage of Multi-Cloud Toolkits

    17 Jan 2014
    The goal of using a multi-cloud toolkit is avoiding cloud vendor lock-in. I examined why avoiding vendor lock-in is important in Keep the Cloud Honest. Toolkits such as Apache jclouds (Java), Apache libcloud (Python), Fog (Ruby), and pkgcloud (node.js) enable this by allowing you to write code that will work the same across multiple clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Google Compute Engine, and Rackspace.

    DevStack Havana on the Rackspace Cloud

    18 Dec 2013
    Here’s how to deploy DevStack for OpenStack Havana including Neutron (Network) and Swift (Object Storage) on the Rackspace Cloud. You can use DevStack for testing/development of OpenStack or just learning a bit more about OpenStack and how all of the pieces fit together.

    Whistle While You HackTX

    19 Nov 2013
    HackTX is the biggest hackathon in Texas. It’s a 24 hour annual hackathon hosted by the Hacker Lounge and Technology Entrepreneurship Society student organizations at The University of Texas at Austin. It’s made up of 500 hackers with $10,000 in prizes. By far, it’s the biggest hackathon that I’ve personally attended and I was pretty damn excited to represent Rackspace as a sponsor.