Everett Toews

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    Introducing the Rackspace Developer Relations Group and open cloud SDKs

    15 Oct 2012
    I’m proud to help announce and to be a part of the Rackspace Developer Relations Group as a Developer Advocate. The group has been around for a little while now and I only joined them a few of months ago but we’ve had our heads down building Software Development Kits (SDKs). Well now we’ve got a killer Java SDK and PHP SDK for the Rackspace open cloud ready to go and we’d like to let the world know. We’ve been introduced on the official Rackspace blog but I wanted to throw my 2 cents in here too.

    SDKs at the OpenStack Grizzly Summit

    10 Oct 2012
    SDKs are a vital resource for any ecosystem and SDKs for OpenStack are proliferating. The OpenStack Grizzly Summit has a few sessions dedicated to SDKs that I wanted to highlight.

    jclouds @ the OpenStack Summit

    08 Sep 2012
    I’m attending the OpenStack Summit from Oct. 15-18 in San Diego. I’ve submitted a session titled Control the Clouds: Developer Experience with jclouds. Sessions are voted in so, if you’re inclined, please vote for my session. You’ll need to do a Find in Page for “jclouds” on the voting page. The deadline for voting is Sept. 13 and here’s a description of the session.