Everett Toews

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    Total Bottom Time

    04 Apr 2012
    I’ve updated my totalbottomtime.com website (total bottom time is the amount of time a diver has spent at depth). The vision for it is to be an online dive community where scuba divers from around the world can log their dives and share them with family, friends and other divers. For now I’m the only member of the “community” and so it’s serving as my personal dive log. I plan to continue adding features to it and eventually hope to open it for registration to the public.

    Install a full development environment for Django on Windows

    03 Jan 2011
    I recently installed a full development environment for Django on Windows 7 and found that it took longer than expected. The path to getting everything working together wasn’t immediately apparent. I made a few missteps along the way and hopefully this post will make it a bit easier for the next developer.