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jclouds 1.7.0 Released With Support for OpenStack Queuing, Networks, and Rackspace Auto Scale

09 Jan 2014

Apache jclouds version 1.7.0 has been released into the wild. This is jclouds’ first minor point version release as an Apache top level project. Community development on the project is continuing to accelerate and there are some major additions I’d like to highlight.


I added support for Queuing (project alias: Marconi). OpenStack Queuing is a robust, web-scale message queuing service to support the distributed nature of large web applications. At Rackspace, our implementation of it is known as Cloud Queues.

Kris Sterckx from Alcatel-Lucent added support for Networking (project alias: Neutron). OpenStack Networking is a pluggable and scalable system for managing network resources, such as networks, subnets, and virtual network interfaces.


Zack Shoylev from Rackspace added support for Auto Scale. It will make the Rackspace cloud react automatically to changes in user demand for your application. By creating a few simple rules that you define and control, you let us know when and how to grow (or shrink) your web or application tiers.

We also added support for the new Rackspace cloud in Hong Kong! You can utilize it by setting the zone to “HKG” in jclouds.

Get Started

Rackspace uses jclouds as our Java SDK for OpenStack and the Rackspace cloud. Go to the Java section of developer.rackspace.com where you will find links for everything you need to get started with jclouds. Be sure to check out the Getting Started Guide and the Examples. If you don’t have access to an OpenStack cloud handy, I invite you to kick the tires on jclouds by using the Rackspace Developer Trial.


Let us know what you think! Feel free to reach out to me, Everett Toews, on Twitter @etoews or contact the Rackspace developer support team at developer.rackspace.com/support.

I’d also like to invite you to connect with the jclouds community. From there you can join our mailing lists or drop by on IRC to say hi. If you’re looking to add new features to jclouds, you might be interested in How to Contribute.