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We Wrote an OpenStack Operations Guide in 5 Days!

08 Mar 2013

And here it is…the OpenStack Operations Guide. You can read it in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, or print. The electronic formats are free to download so click away. The print version costs $29.90 and all proceeds go to the OpenStack Foundation to support more book sprints like the one that produced this book.

To be honest it was an exhausting and sometimes stressful week. The stress was purely a product of trying to produce a book in 5 days. The co-authors of the book were professional, knowledgable, and just plain fun to work with at all times. There was lots of discussion and the occasional disagreement but nothing that we couldn’t resolve amongst ourselves amicably. Probably the biggest disagreements were over hyphenation and em dashes.


It was a genuine privilege to work with these people.

  • Diane Fleming: OpenStack Docs Writer at Rackspace
  • Tom Fifield: Cloud Architect and Operator at NeCTAR
  • Anne Gentle: OpenStack Doc Lead at Rackspace
  • Lorin Hochstein: Cloud Architect and Operator at Nimbis Services
  • Adam Hyde: Book Sprint Facilitator at FLOSS Manuals (founder)
  • Jonathan Proulx: Cloud Architect and Operator at MIT
  • Joe Topjian: Cloud Architect and Operator at Cybera

We also had a number of great support staff from the Austin Texas Rackspace office who are thanked in the first chapter of the book.

What Next?

Now that we’ve written book it doesn’t stop there. As everyone knows, as soon as technical books are published, they’re out of date. With OpenStack Grizzly right around the corner and the amazing pace of development on OpenStack, that certainly applies to this book. To combat the bit rot we’re working out the detail to allow anyone to contribute to the book. We also plan on getting back together at the design summits and updating the book to the most recent stable release of OpenStack.


Would I do it again?