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We're Writing an OpenStack Operations Manual in 5 Days!

21 Feb 2013

Anne Gentle, the OpenStack Doc Lead and Technical Committee member, must be crazy. She’s proposed that a group of us write an OpenStack Operations Manual in 5 days. But there’s a method to her madness. She’s assembled a group of long-time OpenStack operators and people known for their documentation skill. She’s handled the logistics of getting all of these people from across the world together in the same room for 5 days. She’s recruited an experienced mediator and open source manual maker to assist us during the book sprint. And it all happens next week. She may be crazy but we believe in her and we can make this happen.

At the end of the 5 days we aim to have an OpenStack Operations Manual ready for download and print. OpenStack development moves very quickly but operators still need a jumping on point. A foundation of knowledge that they can use to build upon as OpenStack evolves. This manual aims to provide that sort foundation. It’s going to be an intense and probably stressful experience writing a book in such a short period of time but I know it’s worthwhile. Please take 5 seconds and vote for our panel On Writing the OpenStack Operations Manual in 5 Days at the upcoming OpenStack Summit to let us tell you how we did.