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Software Estimation Checklist

19 Aug 2008

Does the software estimate take into account the following aspects:

  1. Are the assumptions embedded in the estimate to be presented?
  2. Does the estimate include a clause that reads, “If any of these assumptions change, this estimate will need to be revised.”?
  3. Is what’s being estimated clearly defined?
  4. Are the estimated tasks decomposed so that no task takes longer than 2 days?
  5. Does the estimate need to include time for the following: 1. development and testing? 2. detailed design? 3. unit testing code? 4. ensuring the code is secure? 5. updating the automated build file? 6. deployment? 7. ensuring the code is optimized after the business requirements have been met? 8. fixing defects? 9. load/stress testing? 10. documentation of the features?
  6. Does the estimate include a Best Case, Worst Case and Most Likely Case?
  7. Is the Worst Case really the Worst Case? Does it need to be made even worse?